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Why Employers Should Offer Health Education in the Workplace

Helping employees establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle has significant benefits to the individual and the organization. Healthy employees have lower health care costs, fewer workers¹ compensation claims, and reduced absenteeism. Additional intangible benefits include increased employee morale and reduced stress.

Given the amount of time and energy that individuals spend on the job, the workplace is likely to become one of the most influential settings in promoting healthier lifestyles for most adults. In addition, the workplace setting offers a number of important technical advantages that are often critical to ensuring health behavior change, including the ability to apply long-term interventions for health improvements; acquire health related data with relative ease; provide social support; and facilitate mass communication and individual information.

Benefits of Workplace Health Promotion

Companies across the country have been instituting fitness and wellness programs since the 1970s and utilizing these programs as the vehicle to documents claims such as:

  • The average stress-related worker¹s compensation claim costs employers $13,339.
  • The average smoker costs a company $960 a year in insurance and time lost.
  • The average overweight person costs a company $401 a year.
  • Healthy employees have shown increases in productivity as high as 25%.

Study after study has shown that for every dollar a company spends on employee health, it reaps in excess of $6.00 through:

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee health and morale

Research shows a high return on investment (ROI) for companies that implement self-care programs and preventive health screenings to help their employees make better decisions about their health.

How Healthy Achievers Can Help

Healthy Achievers objectives are to keep employees working, minimize time off the job, and provide the direction that employees need to stay healthy long past their working years. Healthy Achievers helps companies and their employees to enhance personal health while controlling or reducing health care costs. Although best known for its series of turnkey health education kits designed to enable non-health professionals to administer topic-oriented wellness programs, Healthy Achievers also provides corporate consulting, wellness benefit management, needs assessments, promotional plans, and other occupational health preventive services to clients across a variety of industries.


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