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Wellness and Prevention

Higher health insurance premiums, increased sick leave and absenteeism, workers' compensation claims and other indirect cost have a devastating effect on workplace morale and deplete company profits. By implementing an employee wellness and prevention program, employers and employees can benefit.

  • On-site health services reduce employee time away from the job.
  • Early recognition of health problems saves on future health costs and keeps employees on the job.
  • Health screenings help to evaluate the need for and effectiveness of fitness programs and lifestyle modifications.
  • Health education program give employees a sense of the employer's concern about their well-being, creating job loyalty and improving work performance.
  • Employees save time and money when immunizations are available at the workplace.


    Providing your employees with preventative vaccinations is an effective way to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity. Healthy Achievers makes it easy to provide on-site immunizations-we handle everything.

    Nationwide Coverage Saves Time and Money

    • Healthy Achievers saves your company staff time and money by coordinating all scheduling for clinics at multiple locations.
    • Your smaller locations can avoid paying higher rates for fewer employees.
    • Healthy Achievers offers online sign-up. This option enables your employees to automatically schedule their own appointments.
    • Healthy Achievers provides one point of contact. Your account manager works with you from start to finish ensuring that you receive personal attention and the best customer service.
    • Healthy Achievers tailors your clinics to meet your individual needs. Whether you have one large location with thousands of employees, several smaller sites, or both, we customize our services to ensure your clinics run smoothly.

    Common worksite vaccinations include:

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