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Non-Dues Revenue for Non-Profit Organizations

Healthy Achievers is searching for quality health professionals and marketing personnel who might be interested in promoting the Healthy Achievers products to worksites and other possible customers. The Healthy Achievers health promotion kits have received the National Health Information Award.

One of the best things about Healthy Achievers is that the kits week designed to be used by non-health professionals or professionals who have very little time. Most of our client companies are finding that it takes less than 30 minutes a week to provide the Healthy Achiever health information to their employees.

Health Education Kits "Program-In-A-Box":

  • Low Cost - Less than $45 per month per company or organization location.
  • Easy to Implement - Time requirement is less than one hour per week.
  • Cost Effective - Cost benefit returns more than $100 per employee.
  • Flexible - In content to meet the needs and time constraints.
  • For the Professional - A great supplement to existing programs.
  • FUN! - Games and activities help your employees learn.

Healthy Achievers is a simple, time saving way to assemble a complete health promotion program! A timeline is included in each kit to assist with your planning efforts. There are titles available on topics ranging from Being an Active Patient (self care), Controlling Cholesterol, Walking, Preventing Cancer, Preventing Repetitive Motion Injuries and more. Each kit contains a short video, posters, handouts, newsletter articles and optional activity ideas which really help to make a difference in the lives and health of your clients and employees. All of the Healthy Achievers education kits have received the National Health Information Award.

Healthy Achievers offers distributors substantial discounts (20%) on all worksite wellness and occupational health kits, as well as on other health enhancement tools, health fairs, immunization programs and other incentives. Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Healthy Achievers distributor:

  • Opportunity for added revenue
  • No up-front dollar investment
  • Access to quality products
  • No inventory requirement
  • Turn-key marketing program
  • Toll-free customer service for your clients.
  • You organization receives a 20% on each kit ordered.

If you would like more information about becoming a Healthy Achievers distributor, please email info@healthyachievers.com, or call us at 800-371-8384.


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