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Occupational Health and Safety
  • The average stress related workers compensation claim costs employers $13,339.00.
  • The average smoker costs a company $960.00 a year in insurance and time lost.
  • The average over weight person costs a company $401.00 a year.
  • Healthy employees have shown increases in productivity as high as 25%.

Study after study has shown that for every dollar a company spends on employee health they will get back in excess of $6.00 through

  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee health and morale

Helping any companies establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle is a significant benefit and should be part of the Hewlett Packard philosophy. Reaching a goal of optimum health means more productive work hours, less costs due to absence and or illness, and a more stable work force. To achieve these kinds of results however, the employee health education, training, and availability of programs and services must be continual. Without the constant reinforcement employees will slip back into old habits or techniques. Studies have shown that the average retention rate of a health oriented education program (I.E. Ergonomics) is approximately 6 months after the first training and up to 1 year after an employee has had the training three (3) times. Additionally, less than ten (10) percent of the workforce will modify their work habits after a single health education training session.

An onsite occupational health program can conduct and maintain education programs. This will be directed at improving health and productivity through six components. Time loss, return to work, compensation cases, and health and safety programs are drains upon performance in the work setting. Lost productivity can be addressed through these six components:

  • Return to work/Worker's Compensation case management
  • On-site health management
  • Walk-through assessments
  • Safety and health education
  • Health screenings
  • First aid training and maintenance

Healthy Achievers offers an array of clinical and consultative services that enable employers to provide cost-effective, convenient, and customized occupational health services to their employees. Our occupational health services focus on promotion, protection and training of workers within the context of a safe work environment. Our healthcare professionals are committed to lowering costs while providing quality services.

Healthy Achievers onsite employee health clinics emphasize workforce issues as well as individual patient issues. In addition to responding to injuries or individual sick-call needs, Healthy Achievers profiles your employee population to identify and address risk factors of greatest concern to your workforce. By integrating medical approaches into your strategic business plan, the onsite employee health clinic supports your goals for wellness, cost savings and a competitive edge.

Through ongoing screening programs, Healthy Achievers can help detect health issues in the earliest and most treatable stages. To facilitate a quick return to work, Healthy Achievers personnel follow up on all employees who are sent home, to an emergency room, or to an outside facility, and act as liaisons between employees and their treating physicians.

By the time an injured employee goes off-site for care and an insurance claim has been filed, unnecessary expenses have already been incurred. The best way to prevent injuries and manage costs is to move occupational health on-site - into the workplace.

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