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Health Education Kits
Do-It-Yourself Kits
The easy-to-use kits contain everything you need to educate employees on vital health topics with a minimal time investment. Each kit encourages participants to start with small steps to keep them focused and motivated, and provides crucial positive reinforcement throughout the program. This proven approach ensures both individual success as well as the success of your organization’s entire worksite wellness program.

Healthy Achievers Kits are:

  • Framework: Use this professional design to incorporate all of your favorite health promotion materials.
  • Low cost: less than $49 per month.
  • Easy to implement: time requirement is less than one hour per week.
  • Flexible: to meet your needs and time constraints

Health Education Programming in a Box
Healthy Achievers is best known for its turn-key health education kits designed for use in the workplace. Each kit has a different theme, such as exercise, stress management, or nutrition. The kits include current, accurate information and professional-looking materials, including:

  • a suggested program outline
  • a short (8-10 min.) video, CD, or DVD
  • reproducible print materials designed for distribution to the workforce
  • materials promoting each topic such as table tents and posters
  • suggested activities
  • community resources
  • additional optional ideas

All of Healthy Achievers' Health Education Kits have received a National Health Information Award.

Facilitator Training
The health education kits were designed to be administered by a "facilitator" whose primary duties include:

  • communicating with management
  • involving employees
  • promoting the health education program
  • organizing health promotion activities

Healthy Achievers offers facilitator training, either onsite or via telephone. The cornerstone of this training is Healthy Achievers Facilitator Guide, a comprehensive manual designed to guide the facilitator through the process of initiating and overseeing a successful worksite health education program. The Guide includes tips on setting up an onsite health promotion committee, describes how to conduct a health fair, and features a directory of national health agencies and organizations, lists of vendors and health professionals, and other resources.


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